my story

Lora O'Callaghan is a freelance illustrator & designer based in the southwest of the UK. My work is playful with a strong use of colour throughout.

I have worked as an illustrator since graduating from University in 2013 before finally taking the plunge and establishing my small business shortly after the arrival of my son,  Arthur in 2017. Arthur is and always will be my main driving force behind my business.

I first started creating purely children's illustrations, mainly bold, simplistic animals and patterns suitable for both children's and nursery decor.

Then combined with my love of music came an idea to create art for a wider audience and a range of prints featuring iconic musicians came into fruition.

Prints, especially animals remain the origins of my business but I am proud to say I have since branched into the world of greeting cards and am constantly looking into new products to develop in the near future.

Thank you all so much for supporting my small business and welcoming my style into your homes and onto your walls!

Lora x